Pod Is My Witness

--- Dr. Keenan Davis ---

Hard hitting. Straight talk. No chaser. “I can’t believe he asked that question!” We all want the main character in the show to triumph at the end. But life is an unpredictable road that many of us have to travel, filled with many speed bumps and unwanted turns along the way. And for some, it takes heroic efforts to reach the moment of truth. We Educate. We Elevate. We Empower. Pod is My Witness is a one-of-a-kind conversation that examines tough questions with frontline people who are willing to deliver honest and genuine answers. Answers that can shape narratives to influence, inform, and inspire positive action in all phases of life. Are you curious? Do you want to hear someone unapologetically speak truth without fear? We invite you to take this journey with individuals who are fearless and unafraid to bring clarity and conviction to life’s pressing questions. Real eyes, Realize, Real lies. Listen. Download. Share. Pod is My Witness.
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